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Limestone landscaping

Top Landscaping Limestone: Ataija

There is much discussion about which types of limestone to use on exterior landscaping applications, particularly in areas with high traffic such as public spaces (squares, streets, gardens and more). We present here a limestone that has been used for many years as a reference limestone for landscaping use, specially in places like France that have long historical tradition of using limestone on public spaces. The limestone is called Ataija and is extracted in Portugal. We make here a brief introduction:

The limestone

The Ataija is a limestone that is extracted in the center of Portugal by a handful of quarries. This limestone is mostly extracted in beige color, but can also present a blue/grey colored variation, as well as mixed color variation. The Ataija is today the hardest type of limestone being extracted in Portugal, presenting low porosity, is very compact and presents a high level of freezing cycle resistance. In addition, it presents a beautiful uniform beige and/or blue color.

These factors have made the Ataija a highly demanded limestone for exterior landscaping uses, specially from countries like France that have long-term tradition of using limestone in public spaces. Due to the limited availability and high price of similar French limestones, the Ataija became a natural choice within the French market and is a today a reference limestone.


– amazing technical characteristics (low porosity, high hardness, compact and with high freezing cycles)
– uniform color
– possibility of beige, grey and mixed color supply
– large availability
– good price if compared to similar French limestones
Рit accepts any kind of surface finishing (with particular importance for the flamed, which are not common in limestones)


– not suitable for large sized pieces, due to limited blocks size and abundant micro-fissures that need to be avoided
– more expensive price if compared to other Portuguese limestones
– longer time to manufacture, due to higher selection

All in all, this is an amazing limestone for landscaping use. This would not be a first choice for cladding or interior flooring uses where larger sizes are normally required, but for smaller sized landscaping work is an ideal limestone.

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