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Moca Cream limestone cladding in Kuwait modern villas

There are today numerous modern villas in Kuwait, boasting impressive exterior wall cladding structures. This is a market where private villas are sumptuous that shows its wealth. Beige limestones are commonly used on these exterior cladding, with a good number of these limestones coming from Portugal.

The wealth of Kuwait has created a wonderful market for the supply of limestone for exterior wall cladding applications. With a strong preference for the sandy beige color, limestones such as the Moca Cream from Portugal have become a preferential choice for such applications. Contemporary architects in Kuwait have been using Moca Cream limestone extensively in combination with other materials or simply darker natural stones, to create the most beautiful modern villas.

These modern villas are displayed throughout Kuwait City, mostly on its prominent neighborhoods located not too far from the city center. Here, we see a preference for straight cladding designs, which are often combined with other materials and colors, to create an interesting contrast and look.

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Nuzha, Kuwait

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Qortuba, Kuwait

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Qortuba, Kuwait

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Mishref, Kuwait

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Shaab, Kuwait

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Zhara, Kuwait

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