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The Chinese market for Moca Cream limestone blocks

Moca Cream limestone blocks supply

China is by far the largest importer of raw blocks of natural stones, which includes limestones from Portugal such as the Moca Cream. After being found by the Chinese architects and contractors, the Moca Cream limestone demand has sky-rocketed and is today one of the main limestones that are exported to this market in terms of volume. Moca Cream limestone is today in China synonym of quality, uniformity and exclusivity. This explains the high demand for blocks of Moca Cream limestone that is today a reality and should be trending in years to come.

The Chinese market has tremendous appetite for imported natural stones, which for economic and market reasons is done in the form of raw blocks import. Among many natural stones that are imported are Portuguese limestones such as the Moca Cream limestone. This is a beige limestone with a parallel vein that has convinced the Chinese clients of its unique beauty. The demand for this specific limestone has grown dramatically in the past several years and is today one of the most imported limestones to China in block format.

The Moca Cream limestone block supply to China is today a well-oiled supply structure that involves established Chinese players in Portugal and and insatiable market on the other side of the world. From the size of blocks, to the type of selection, going to types of suppliers and buyers, and general market information, on this article we explain in more detail how the supply of Portuguese limestone Moca Cream has become a major niche export market.





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