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Reference Projects

Cabeca Veada Reference Project: American Embassy in the D. R.

  • American Embassy in the Dominican Republic - Cabeca Veada
  • American Embassy in the Dominican Republic - Cabeca Veada
  • American Embassy in the Dominican Republic - Cabeca Veada

Project Profile

Building Type: Government/Embassy
Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Material: Cabeca Veada
Applications: Exterior Cladding; Exterior Flooring; Coverings and Stonework


Cabeca Veada reference project in the Dominican Republic, which has been supplied with 18.000m2 of honed and split-face panels. This particular American Embassy employed several different application types, including exterior cladding, exterior flooring, wall coverings and a professional stonework to represent the American eagle. The Cabeca Veada is highly recommended for large-scale exterior projects due to its unique and remarkable properties, therefore the selection of this limestone for the construction of the American Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

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