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Reference Projects

Canberra Luxurious Building in Australia

  • Canberra Luxurious Building
  • Canberra Luxurious Building
  • Canberra Luxurious Building

Project Profile

Building Type: Private
Location: Canberra, Australia
Materials: Moleanos Blue
Applications: Interior Flooring, Staircases and Reception Desk Coverings


Completed in 2014, the Canberra Luxurious Building is a modern reference project for the Portuguese Moleanos Blue. This high-profile and energy efficient building features exactly 24,000m2 of office space over five levels, in which all the flooring and staircases were covered with polished Moleanos blue tiles. In addition, the main reception desk was fully covered with the same limestome. With some of the latest technologies, this landmark development was designed to be one of Canberra’s largest private solar generation systems, capable of producing up to 200kw of renewable energy to power base building services.

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