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Portuguese limestones have been a preferred choice for many years to be used on the supply of cladding projects, particularly in European countries such as Belgium, France, UK or Luxembourg. In addition to the fact that Portuguese limestones are an ideal choice for replacing local limestones from the UK or France (due to price, quality and uniformity), Portuguese cladding manufacturers have shown the market a high standard of work and shorter production times. These factors have led to an exponential development of the Portuguese limestones cladding market.

Portugal is today an important player in the limestone cladding market mostly due to its own capacity to manufacture, its ability to handle project management as well as its vast and affordable resources in terms of light colored limestone.


The most demanded limestones for cladding use are by far the Moca Creme (both fine and classic options), Moleanos Fine and Cabeca Veada. If the Moca Creme and Moleanos are already considered traditional limestones by many architects and developers for their projects, the Cabeca Veada is the new player in the market and is considered by many as the most relevant Portuguese limestone to be used in cladding in the future.


The markets by excellence for the supply of Portuguese limestone cladding are UK, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. These are markets that have been buying Portuguese limestone cladding for many years, as more affordable and quicker options to the supply of local limestones.

In addition to these markets, there is a massive growth from the Middle East, where large scale cladding projects are booming the Portuguese limestone cladding production. Other countries with interesting demand are the USA and few Asian countries.

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