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Portuguese limestone landscaping has been an industry traditionally focussed on the domestic market, where we can find use of limestones on public areas landscaping on pretty much any historical city in Portugal.

The export market started only recently with demand from French companies for different Portuguese limestones for their own internal landscaping market. French limestones were becoming more scarce and expensive, and Portuguese limestones were seen as a more affordable similar alternative. This initial demand from the French market has led to the development of a large industry in Portugal, specialized on manufacturing a wide range of limestone landscaping products to the French market. An expansion to other markets was only a matter of time and today Portugal has a well-developed industry that supplies a wide range of countries.


Landscaping requires specific types of limestones that are harder, more compact and little porosity. In this scope, the most relevant limestone used in landscaping are the Ataija Creme and Ataija Azul (the hardest limestones in Portugal), the Lioz (a historical limestone used in Portuguese buildings) and some harder variations of the Moleanos such as the Moleanos Classic or Moleanos Vidraco.


France is perhaps the number 1 market for Portuguese limestone landscaping work. This is a country where many public spaces are traditionally built with limestone and where Portuguese limestones have been used as a direct alternative to more expensive and scarce local limestones.

Other interesting markets for Portuguese limestones landscaping are the UK (for private residential projects), the Middle East (with its booming construction industry) and some other European countries.

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