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Moca Cream Limestone: Most Popular Finishings

Moca Cream Classic Limestone

As one of the most prominent limestones from Portugal, the Moca Cream displays a quite flexible structure capable of accepting numerous finishing techniques. Still, there are only five main ones that are currently popular and widely available.

Considered as the ex-libris of the Portuguese limestones, the Moca Cream presents an exceptional and versatile structure composed by a rich and characteristic veinage, alongside with a uniform background, medium grain and a persistent beige colour. This limestone has a great reputation among architects and decoration professionals a bit all over the world, thus there are large production levels to fulfill the respective demand. In terms of finishings, there are currently many available types for the Moca Cream, but merely five are popular in the international markets. The brushed, bush-hammered and split-face finishings are mostly used for exterior applications, due to their rough and textured surfaces. On the other hand, the honed and polished types are the foremost choice for interior projects.

More information about this topic can be found at Natural Stone Outlet. Check the complete blog post for a detailed analysis of each finishing mentioned above.






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