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Top Limestones for Exterior Paving in the UK in 2016

Ataija Grey Tiles

Selecting materials for exterior paving applications in the United Kingdom can be a challenging task at times, especially when it comes to natural stones, since they must meet a series of criteria points in order to naturally withstand the climatic conditions in the area. Here’s our top limestone picks for 2016.

Countries with climatic constraints usually demand special conditions from natural stones. After all, physical constructions should be able to keep most of its original properties, thus last for a lifetime, regardless of how dramatic the weather might be. As so, limestones must present a particular type of structure involving high density, high resistance, low porosity and a considerable hardness. But that’s not all, the colour and background uniformity are two key points in the selection process, as most projects in the UK tend to take in consideration the surrounding environment and local style. Therefore, neutral and light tonalities are the most popular. Our network analysis concluded however, that presently there are six limestones with a substantial popularity in the European market capable of satisfying most of the criteria points previously stated: Ataija Beige, Ataija Blue, Jura Beige, Jura Grey, Moleanos Classic and Moleanos B1.

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