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Portuguese limestone supply in Russia

Grey limestone cladding - Moscow

Russia is a tremendous market for the supply of natural stones used on building and decoration. The oil-rich country has been investing heavily on modernizing its infra-structures with projects that include commercial buildings, shopping centers, residential buildings and much more. Among the many natural stones imported to feed the Russia stone industry, limestones from Portugal have had a growing demand and are today widely used on a diversity of projects. Here, we take a look at it.

Which are the most popular Portuguese limestones in Russia?

Portuguese limestones have been imported to Russia mostly for application on exterior wall cladding, masonry, but also some interior applications such as flooring and wall coverings. Here, we see a strong preference for light beige color limestones, with clean surface like the Fatima, Moleanos Fine or Cabeca Veada limestone, but also for regular pattern like the parallel vein Moca Cream limestone, as well as the St Hubert.

Some grey limestones such as the Ataija Azul or Azul Valverde also have particular interest from the market.

Moleanos Fine limestone slabs - Russia

On which type of applications are these limestones used?

Exterior wall cladding is the number 1 use for Portuguese limestones in Russia. Its consistent and uniform light color is very popular for cladding applications in Russia. In addition, there is growing demand for Portuguese limestones to be used on masonry for private villas, but also interior flooring and wall coverings.

Beige limestone cladding in Moscow - Russia

What areas in Russia have greatest demand for these limestones?

The overwhelming amount of Portuguese limestones are supplied to projects located in Moscow. The main city of Russia is by far the greatest consumer of imported limestones for some of its beautiful and impressive projects. There is also a growing demand from St Petersburg, Russia┬┤s 2nd largest city and with a booming building industry.

In addition to the two main cities of Russia, cities like Rostov or Krasnodar in Southern Russia have seen some demand for Portuguese limestones.

Grey limestone cladding project in Moscow - Russia

Who are the main exporters of Portuguese limestones to Russia?

The main exporters of Portuguese limestone to Russia are actually stone companies located in Portugal, which either supply slabs with different thickness to be later manufactured in Russian companies, or the final production (tiles, cladding panels for example) ready to be applied on the building site.

Who are the main importers of Portuguese limestones in Russia?

The main importers of Portuguese limestone to Russia are mostly stone companies, intermediaries and building companies with knowledge of stone.

Which trends for the Portuguese limestones in Russia for 2020?

The building industry in Russia is still booming, with considerable investment done on higher-end properties and buildings, which normally are capable of using imported stone. This trend is likely to continue for 2020 and years to come, mostly due to the high liquidity available in Russia, but also for the established preference for light colored Portuguese limestone from builders, architects and clients.

Moca Cream limestone slabs - Russia





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Nabokov grey limestone cladding - Moscow

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