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Moleanos Vidraco


The Moleanos Vidraco is a light beige colored limestone, with thin grain, several brownish fine spots and lines. It presents some signs of fossils throughout its surface. This variation of the Moleanos Classic has a considerable hardness, being in fact one of the hardest limestones in Portugal.

The Moleanos Vidraco is extracted in the same quarries as other types of Moleanos, but with less representation in terms of volume. Nonetheless and due to its considerable hardness, this is a very popular limestone to be used on diverse exterior application.


Compression strenght: 950 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 105 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 4.4%; Density: 2570 kg/m3


The Moleanos Vidraco is an excellent limestone to be used on diverse exterior applications. This has been for many years one of the preferred choices for Portuguese traditional flooring, which is found in historical parts of Portugal. It is also used on exterior flooring, cladding, paving and even cladding.

Moleanos Vidraco

Limestone Finishings

Moleanos Vidraco


Moleanos Vidraco


Moleanos Mixed

Grey and beige limestone, with medium grain and brownish spots

Moleanos Fine

Beige limestone, with thin grain and several brownish fine spots

Moleanos Classic

Beige limestone with gross grain and uniform look

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