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The Rosal is a beige limestone, with thin to medium grain and uniform background. It presents some slight dark shades/clouds with a more or less regular pattern. In terms of hardness it is considered a soft natural stone, but recommended for most types of interior applications. The main variations have more or less vein, or are cut in favor or against the vein.

The Rosal has seen an extraordinary demand of blocks from the Chinese market, which made this limestone quite expensive and inaccessible for most suppliers. Today and with considerable less demand from the Chinese market, the price has gone down and this has become once again a very interesting limestone for different projects supply.


Compression strenght: 650 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 96 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 12.3%; Density: 2310 kg/m3


The Rosal is a preferential limestone to be used in applications such as cladding, coverings and some stonework. Due to its uniform color, it is quite appreciated in large projects. It is also used on diverse masonry and detailed work, due to its softer nature.


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Creme Fatima

Light beige limestone, with thin grain and uniform background

Creme de Mos limestone polished

Creme de Mos

Beige colored limestone, with medium to gross grain

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