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New villa in Abu Dhabi with Moca Cream limestone

Dec 13, 2023

We are glad to present another successful exterior wall cladding project with Moca Cream limestone. This time, the project is located in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates, where the high sun exposure and setting has allowed this fantastic final result.

Moca Cream limestone supply in Qatar

Moca Cream limestone supply in Qatar

Feb 14, 2022

Qatar has been an incredible market for the supply of Portuguese Moca Cream limestone, mostly used on exterior cladding applications of private residences, as well as some commercial buildings and other applications.

Nabokov grey limestone cladding - Moscow

Limestone project: Nabokov building in Moscow – Russia

Feb 11, 2022

Supply of approximately 8.000m2 of exterior wall cladding with the grey limestone Ataija Blue / Azul. The project required a very light surface finishing, which was achieved with a “dry honed” surface.

Abdullah Al Salem Community Center Kuwait - Moca Cream cladding

Limestone project: Abdullah Al-Salem Community Center in Kuwait

Jan 12, 2022

The Abdullah Al-Salem Community Center in Kuwait is a quite a beautiful building that required the supply of Moca Creme limestone from Portugal.

Limestone project: Tour de Finances cladding in Brussels (Belgium)

Nov 14, 2021

The Tour de Finances is a large public building that houses the Belgian finance department. This project required a total supply of 8.000m2 Moca Cream panels in honed finishing.

Middle East beige limestone cladding

Apr 5, 2021

The Middle East is a fertile area when it comes to beige limestone applications on exterior cladding, mostly on private residence projects

St Hubert vein-cut limestone

Top limestone: St Hubert vein-cut limestone

Feb 6, 2021

The St Hubert vein-cut is a beige limestone extracted in Portugal, known for its fine and elegant vein that normally runs parallel.

Top Limestone: the Fatima Blue limestone

Jan 4, 2021

The Fatima Blue is a light grey limestone, with fine grain structure and presenting regular darker dots all over its surface. The light grey color is very consistent, showing an interesting light color.

Top Limestone: the beige colored St Hubert

Dec 10, 2020

The St Hubert is one of the most refined beige limestones in Portugal. This is a fine grain limestone with a consistent beige color and delicate background.

Limestone project: Moca Cream cladding of Quatuor building

Nov 11, 2020

The Quatuor building is a reference project that is under construction, which was designed by architects Jaspers-Eyers. This is a beautiful building composed by 4 different towers interconnected, which will host mostly office space, shopping areas, restaurants and more.

Moca Cream limestone cladding in Kuwait modern villas

Oct 7, 2020

There are today numerous modern villas in Kuwait, boasting impressive exterior wall cladding structures. This is a market where private villas are sumptuous that shows its wealth.

US Embassy in Mauritania - limestone cladding

Limestone project: Cabeca Veada cladding of US Embassy in Mauritania

Nov 28, 2019

Supply of beige Portuguese limestone Cabeca Veada for the US Embassy located inNouakchott, Mauritania. This project required approximately 6.500m2 of Cabeca Veada limestone.

Moca Cream limestone project: Central Bank of Kuwait

May 7, 2018

The Central Bank of Kuwait is a reference project in Kuwait and the Middle East and perhaps the most relevant project supplied with Portuguese Moca Cream limestone all over the world.

Surface finishings for exterior cladding applications

Jul 20, 2017

We discuss on this video the different surface finishings that are commonly used today on exterior cladding applications. Surface finishings can add or enhance the natural stone colour, structure and overall look, so the right choice of surface finishing is relevant. Due to the constant exposure to exterior elements, a good choice of surface finishing is […]

Limestone cladding project: Krasina Business Center

Mar 14, 2017

Supply of approximately 6.000m2 of light beige limestone Cabeca Veada and a small portion of grey limestone Moleanos B1 for a reference building on a popular and upscale area in the city center of Moscow.

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New villa in Abu Dhabi with Moca Cream limestone

Moca Cream limestone; Exterior cladding; Abu Dhabi

Nabokov grey limestone cladding - Moscow

Limestone project: Nabokov building in Moscow – Russia

Ataija Blue limestone; Limestone cladding: Moscow; Russia



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