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Frequently asked questions that we regularly receive from companies or diverse people who have a direct interest and/or need for the supply of any type of limestone from Portugal

  • Can i have access to the complete technical data of the limestones?

    On our portal we show a basic resume of the technical data for each limestone, with few items that may be relevant to understand the limestone. However, if you need a full technical analysis of any limestone, you will have to contact us directly.

  • How can i find a limestone that is not available on your portal? presents the most relevant limestones being actually extracted in Portugal and commercialized for export, with reliable supply and considerable availability. There are other limestones available that we decided not to promote here. In case you are looking for a limestone that is not available on our catalogue, feel free to contact us directly by email or telephone.

  • Can i trust in the information available about each limestone?

    The information available about each limestone is reliable and up-to-date. But the information about each limestone is only representative of the situation of the limestone, as supply may vary from quarry to quarry and throughout time. For the most actual information, you should contact us.

  • I want to buy a limestone or have more information about it. How can i do it?

    For all supply requirements you can contact us directly by email. Depending on the type of product you are looking for (eg. Blocks, slabs, cladding, other), you can send an email to the respective supplier. Your enquiry will have an immediate follow-up.

  • How can i have guarantees that the business will be successful? does not assume any responsibility over the outcome of any potential supply. is an impartial internet portal whose aim is to promote Portuguese limestones online. What the clients can be confident about is that all suppliers promoted on our portal are reliable companies with a very good reputation and many years of experience on the supply of their specific products.

  • Where can i find more information about the main portuguese limestones?

    You can contact us directly at any time. We will be able to provide any kind of information directly or indirectly related to most limestones from Portugal.

  • Which are the reserves of portuguese limestones for the future?

    This depends on the type of limestone and area where is extracted. But most of the limestones that we promote on have considerable reserves, taking into consideration the scale of Portugal and market that these limestones have.

  • Are Portuguese limestones recommended for exterior applications in very cold climates, with below zero temperatures during winter time?

    Most limestones are not suitable for such applications. However, there are few choices of Portuguese limestones that are often used in exterior applications (both vertical and horizontal) in climates with freezing temperatures. For more information about these limestone, feel free to contact us.

  • Where can i find references of projects done with particular limestones in my country?

    As a reference Portuguese limestone internet portal, has a considerable database of information about the limestones and projects done all over the world. If you would like to know information about projects in your country, feel free to contact us directly.

The Portal

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Portugalimestones is an online portal exclusively dedicated to the online promotion of Portuguese limestones. It belongs to a larger network of websites and portals specialized on information and supply of natural stones.


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